10 Lessons
1 h 13 min

Gain the knowledge you need to get started with your own investment portfolio. Our free course makes it fun to learn about investing!

What will I learn?

  • The fundamentals of finance
  • Investing basics every investor needs to know
  • Portfolio structure: how to set up your investments
  • Popular investment techniques and how to apply them
  • Risk management and protecting your portfolio
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners without any prior investing experience
  • Investors with limited experience, who are interested in expanding their knowledge
  • Somewhat more experienced investors looking to review the basics and brush up on techniques

Course contents


Why Should I Start Investing?

9 min
Begin Lesson 1

Financial independence guide

6 min
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Investing terms you need to know

7 min
Begin Lesson 3

How to choose what asset class to invest in

11 min
Begin Lesson 4

A Guide to Investing vs. Trading

7 min
Begin Lesson 5

Psychology of Investing

7 min
Begin Lesson 6

5 Golden Rules of Investing

8 min
Begin Lesson 7

How to Manage Risk as a Stock Trader or Investor

9 min
Begin Lesson 8

How to build a diversified investment portfolio

7 min
Begin Lesson 9

Investing 101: Course Summary

2 min
Begin Lesson 10


Have you always wanted to become an investor, but didn’t know how to start? Investing 101 will help you to understand basic investing concepts, learn the fundamentals of finance, and gain the confidence you need to begin investing your own money. 

This course covers all of the basics every beginning investor needs to know: how the financial markets operate, how to set up and manage a portfolio, and minimising risk – all explained in simple, easy-to-understand language. Learn key strategies and how to apply them in your own investment portfolio and for your own situation. 

The videos included in the course make it fun and easy to learn about investing. Upon completing this course, you will have the opportunity to test the knowledge you have gained, as well as prepare for advancing to our practical course on portfolio creation.

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How much does this course cost?

Nothing! Investing 101 is free.

Must I be signed in to access this course?

No, anyone can access this course, even without an investment account. However, if you would like to open an eToro account, you can do so here – it’s free!

Are there any educational requirements or prerequisites to taking this course?

There are no prerequisites or requirements for taking this course. Investing 101 has been designed for beginners with little to no investing experience.

How much time do I have to complete this course?

There is no time limit for completing this course. You may learn at your own pace, and go as fast or slow as you like. You may also rewatch the pre-recorded lessons multiple times.

Who is the course instructor?

This course has been created by eToro’s top investing experts and the lessons are pre-recorded by a variety of instructors to allow for self-paced learning.